2010: Climate Feedbacks

Led by Dargan Frierson, UW Atmospheric Sciences

The PCC Summer Institute took place at Friday Harbor Labs from September 15-17. The topic this year was Climate Feedbacks, and we were treated to talks on all aspects of climate feedbacks from 14 speakers. The invited speakers were Alex Hall (UCLA) who spoke on constraining high latitude climate feedbacks with observations, Irina Marinov (U Penn) who discussed ocean biology impacts on the carbon cycle, and Dave Schimel (NEON) who spoke on terrestrial carbon cycle feedbacks. PCC speakers gave talks on everything from clouds and ocean heat uptake to ice sheets and atmospheric composition. Extended discussion periods made for spirited debate during many of the sessions. A complete list of speakers with links to presentations can be found at the 2010 Summer Institute event page.


On Wednesday night there was a musical performance featuring feedback-themed music including “Feedback” (to the tune of “Get Back”) about the invited speakers by Mark Zelinka. The SI was completely at capacity, with 82 attendees. This means you should reserve your seats early for next year’s SI, which will be on Water and Climate!

-2010 SI Organizer, Dargan Frierson, Atmospheric Sciences


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