March 2018

Website Updates

We’ve updated the PCC website in several ways and one change that you’ll notice is our new research tab with posts spotlighting current climate work by PCC-affiliated scientists.   These “Research Highlights” include short (<300 word) summaries written by the author or by a colleague who understands the broader context of the research.

Have a new publication that you’d like the PCC community to know about? Contact David Bonan or Miriam Bertram at or graduate student Amira Chowyuk at We’ll assist as needed, to create a post for this catalogue of current research.  We encourage quotes, how the data was acquired, fun facts, and things that humanize the research.  @pcceduc will tweet each new post.

Feedback on how we can improve this new feature is encouraged!

Many thanks to the College of the Environment Web Development Team and Center for Environmental Visualization for continued support of the PCC website.

2018 Mini-Symposia

The Program on Climate Change hosted its inaugural “mini-symposium” at the UW Waterfront Activity Center on 8-9 February 2018. With the theme of “Using past observations to constrain future climate variability and change”, the mini-symposium brought together a wide range of participants and speakers, including from the School of Oceanography, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Department of Earth and Space Sciences, Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean, Applied Physics Lab, and NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory. Also participating were a number of invited guests: Andrea Burke (Univ. of St. Andrews), Elizabeth Maroon (CU Boulder), Sarah Kang (UNIST), Jen Kay (CU Boulder), James Rae (Univ. of St. Andrews), and Mark Zelinka (LLNL).  ….MORE

The next PCC mini-symposium is in the planning phase.  The Wildfire Smoke Risk Communication Stakeholder Synthesis Symposium (WSRC S3) will convene local practitioners and the UW PCC community to discuss the current state of wildfire and risk communication research. They will identify and prioritize needs, barriers, collaborative solutions and funding sources to promote effective wildfire smoke risk communication across Washington State.  Proposal team includes Tania Busch-Isaksen, PhD, MPH, Annie Doubleday, MPH Student, Claire Pendergast, MPH Student, Heidi Roop, PhD, CIG and NWCSC, and the lead, Nicole Errett, PhD, MSPH. Please contact Nicole Errett at if you are interested in symposium planning or would like to learn more.

Recently in the News

“Hot Times in the Arctic” New York Times Opinion piece 14 Mar. 2018 about the recent warming in the Arctic, and two visualizations of the warming, all by PCC’s Director, Cecilia Bitz.

 UAW Members Connect the Dots on Climate Change” in the UNION FRONT: OUR WORK, OUR LIVES, OUR HEALTH 12 Feb 2018  on the Local 4121 Union of Academic Student Employees development of the Climate Caucus.  Mentions Judy Twedt, Miriam Calkins, Michelle Tigchelaar, Alex Lenferna, written by Kate Griffith.

More PCC Events

  • May 2018.  Spring Symposium, graduate student led.  More information to come (Originally scheduled for 7 April).
  • 12-14 September 2018. PCC Summer Institute at Friday Harbor. Topic TBA.
  • 2-4 November 2018.  Graduate Climate Conference at Pack Forest.

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