PCC Courses and Seminars

The PCC developed several graduate level interdisciplinary climate science courses and seminars that are central to the Graduate Certificate in Climate Science and the capstone experience for the Climate Minor.

Quarterly posting of interdisciplinary climate related courses, including those developed by the PCC

Interdisciplinary PCC-core courses:

PCC Seminars:

  • Current Research in Climate Change (Wi) (ATMS/ESS/OCN 586): theme changes each year.
    • 2021 (Wi): Intersection of climate change and human health joint with Center for Health and the Global Environment (CHanGE) (led by Thompson)
    • 2020 (Wi): Arctic Change (led by Thompson)
    • 2019 (Wi) Sea Level Rise: Causes and Impacts (led by Thompson)
    • 2018 (Wi):  Unanswered Questions in Climate Change Research (led by Armour)
    • 2016: Security and Climate Change (led by Thompson & Ray)
    • 2015: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Climate Change and Food (led by Thompson)
    • 2014: The Road to COP 20 (led by Thompson & Ebi)
    • 2013: Marine Ecosystem Responses to Climate (led by Thompson)
    • 2012: Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation (led by Thompson)
    • 2011: Peak Oil, Coal, Natural Gas and Climate Change (led by Thompson & Murray)
    • 2010: Climate Change Feedbacks (led by Thompson & Murray)
  • Communicating Climate Science Seminar (varies) (ATMS/ESS/OCN 593)

Capstone Courses

Climate Science Communication Capstone (ATMS/ESS/OCN 596)  1-5 cr.  Required of students doing the graduate certificate in climate science (GCeCS) and available to others interested in doing an independent climate communication project.

Undergraduate Current Research in Climate Change (Au) (ATMS/ESS/OCN 475, taught in conjunction with 586), 3 cr. Required for the Climate Minor, also available to others.

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