Graduate Climate Conference

GCC 2016The GCC — an interdisciplinary climate conference run by graduate students, for graduate students, held each fall

GCC 2016 was the 10th GCC. The conference was first organized by graduate students at the University of Washington in 2006. As the conference grows in demand and scope the responsibility of the GCC rotates between the University of Washington and Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.  These conferences continue to provide a range of session topics that will help future leaders in climate science meet and share ideas.

Backgrounds of past attendees have spanned a wide range of disciplines including atmospheric sciences, biology, environmental economics, forestry and fisheries sciences, oceanography, public policy studies, and earth and space science.  The format is designed to encourage new climate scientists to become acquainted with the details of diverse areas of climate research and to place their own research in the broader context of the climate science community.

Wrap-up of the 10th Anniversary GCC

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