The PCC community includes over 300 graduate students and 55 faculty from colleges and departments across the  UW Seattle and Bothell campuses.  

Add to that members from NOAA and other regional labs, and the program has quite a footprint. Alumni are found across the globe, and the number of undergraduate students impacted by the program is growing.  Our directory is one way to be connected and listserves provide the primary means of communicating among the different groups.

The PCC is governed by faculty from across campus, rotating a few members each year. Graduate students have an elected member to the PCC board, as well as departmental representatives. Any of these individuals can give you more information about the program.



LuAnne Thompson (OCN)

Executive Board

Curtis Deutsch (OCN)
Cecilia Bitz (ATMS)
Gerard Roe (ESS)

Governing Board

Tom Ackerman (JISAO)
Charles Eriksen (OCN)
Chris Anderson (SAFS)
Chidong Zhang (NOAA/PMEL)
Ann Bostrom (Evans School)
Rebecca Woodgate (APL)
Rebecca Neumann (CEE)
Eric Steig (ESS)
Dargan Frierson (ATMS)
Kristie Ebi (Global Health)


James Murray (OCN)
Amy Snover (CIG)

Graduate Student Representatives to the Board

Gregory Quetin (ATMS)
Paige Logan (OCN)

Program Staff

Miriam Bertram (

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