Graduate Student Steering Committee

The PCC Graduate Student Steering Committee (P-GraSC) is composed of 9-15 graduate students from academic programs across UW and serves to represent the varied needs and perspectives of the PCC graduate student community to the PCC Board.

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2019-2020 Roster

Sarah Ragen (OCN, GSR)
Christine Baker (CEE)
Hannah Director (STAT)
Robin Clancy (ATMOS)
Adam Sokol (ATMOS)*
Aji John (BIO)*
Amy Wyeth (OCN)*
Andrew Pauling (ATMOS)*
Annika Horlings (ESS)*
Bryan Pelach (SEFS)*
Claire Zarakas (ATMOS)*
Greta Shum (ATMOS)*
Jade Sauve (OCN)*
Lily Hahn (ATMOS)*
Sarrynna Sou (EVANS)*
Tyler Cox (ATMOS)
Elizabeth Matteri (SMEA)*
Amanda Arnold (SMEA)*
George Thomas Jr. (SMEA)*
Amy Olsen (SMEA)*

* Indicates new committee member

2018-2019 Roster

Alex Stote (School of Marine and Environmental Affairs)*
Christine Baker (Civil and Environmental Engineering)*
Claire Pendergrast (Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences)*
Hannah Director (Statistics)*
Robin Clancy (Atmospheric Sciences)*
Sarah Ragen (Oceanography, GSR)*
Rebeca de Buen (Evans School of Public Policy and Governance)
Jessica Badgeley (Earth and Space Sciences)
Ethan Campbell (Oceanography)
Michael Diamond (Atmospheric Sciences, GSR)
Megan Feddern (School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences)
Megan McKeown (Atmospheric Sciences)
Kelly Carpenter (Chemical Engineering)
Katie Keil (School of Marine and Environmental Affairs)


2017-2018 Roster

Jessica Badgeley (ESS)
Ethan Campbell (OCN)
Kelly Carpenter (Chemical Engineering)
Amira Chowyuk (SEFS)
Michael Diamond (ATMOS/GSR)
Rebeca de Buen (Evans School)
Megan Feddern (SAFS)
Diana Gergel (CEE)
Jennifer Hsiao (Bio)
Emma Kahle (ESS)
Katie Keil (SMEA)
Megan McKeown (ATMOS)
Paige Lavin (f.k.a. Logan) (OCN/GSR)
Scott Rinnan (QERM)
Hillary Scannell (OCN)

P-GraSC organizes programming designed to promote a diverse and supportive community of early career climate scientists and foster the exchange of ideas and knowledge across disciplines. P-GraSC members can serve on the Bylaws, Spring Symposium, Community Engagement, Education and Outreach, and Research Workshops committees.

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