Graduate Student Steering Committee

The PCC Graduate Student Steering Committee (P-GraSC) is composed of 9-15 graduate students from academic programs across UW and serves to represent the varied needs and perspectives of the PCC graduate student community to the PCC Board.

2017-2018 Roster

Jessica Badgeley (ESS)
Ethan Campbell (OCN)
Kelly Carpenter (Chemical Engineering)
Amira Chowyuk (SEFS)
Michael Diamond (ATMOS/GSR)
Rebeca de Buen (Evans School)
Megan Feddern (SAFS)
Diana Gergel (CEE)
Jennifer Hsiao (Bio)
Emma Kahle (ESS)
Katie Keil (SMEA)
Megan McKeown (ATMOS)
Paige Logan (OCN/GSR)
Scott Rinnan (QERM)
Hillary Scannell (OCN)

P-GraSC organizes programming designed to promote a diverse and supportive community of early career climate scientists and foster the exchange of ideas and knowledge across disciplines. P-GraSC members can serve on the Bylaws, Spring Symposium, Community Engagement, Education and Outreach, and Research Workshops committees.

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