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A community composed of many from many different disciplines. Activities are open to everyone at the university.

Get involved by

1) Joining one of our listserves

We notify those on the listserves about PCC and other climate events, including:

Graduate Climate Conference (GCC) and Quarterly Seminar Series
PCC Summer Institute
Campus Wide Seminars and Public Lectures
Outreach Opportunities and Presentation Resources
Annual Scientist-Teacher Workshops

2) Registering on the PCC Directory

Connect with others through the PCC directory, a resource for finding those with climate-related interests and expertise. email with a request to register.

What students are saying…..

“I’ve found that although students across disciplines are working on climate change issues, each discipline tends to take a different angle, use different language, focus on different aspects. Being in the PCC exposes us all to other ways of thinking about climate change and facilitates learning around how to communicate across disciplines. Each discipline is just a part of the whole, and PCC gives perspective on where your slice of research fits in.”

“The PCC provides a network or community of people who work on or care about climate change. It is interdisciplinary in nature, and looks to forge connections between disciplines in terms of solving the scientific problems and developing the adaptation and mitigation strategies. The PCC affords everyone the chance to learn about tangential problems not necessarily directly related to one’s research — but that could redirect your interests through the connections that are made.”

“Being a part of the PCC for me has meant both an educational experience as well as a community experience. Coming from public health, I do not normally interact with those in other disciplines or departments at the university, yet my research interests require this. The PCC allowed me to gain the background understanding of climate change that I needed through the graduate certificate, as well as keeping me up to date on the current science and on opportunities to get involved or attend various events and seminars. I have also met many people that I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to get acquainted with, and gained valuable connections throughout the university.”

We look forward to meeting you at the next PCC event and please feel free to share or start your own climate related gatherings.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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