Education and research are the foundations upon which the world-class reputation of the UW Program on Climate Change is built

Since it’s beginnings in 2001, the UW Program on Climate Change has fostered integrated courses with the goal of exploring a holistic and dynamic understanding of climate, supporting intense collaborations among faculty and graduate students, and fostering an undergraduate climate minor. Building on a strong foundation in research and graduate education, the PCC also connects scientists to the public through a climate outreach program.

The Graduate Certificate in Climate Science

In order to recognize formally the climate science training that graduate students gain from PCC courses and activities, training that can support career exploration, the PCC offers a Graduate Certificate in Climate Science (GCeCS). This certificate, approved by the graduate school in 2007, combines the integrated courses, specifically designed to address the cross-linkages in the earth system that disciplinary curricula are not able to do, with a capstone project in Communicating Climate Science.

The Undergraduate Climate Minor

The climate minor provides an opportunity for students from all disciplines to gain a rigorous interdisciplinary understanding of the climate system.  We encourage students in their second year at UW to define a pathway for meeting the requirements for this minor.

Climate Outreach

A network of experts connected through our Outreach Program is dedicated to providing a current understanding of climate and climate change to the public.  For the last 6 years one focal point of this program has been to facilitate the learning of climate science, and the understanding of science and STEM pathways, to high school science teachers and their students.

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