Welcome Letter

Cecilia Bitz, Director of the Program on Climate Change, 2017 – present

The Program on Climate Change brings faculty, staff and students together to study climate and climate change from multiple perspectives, building on the depth and breadth of climate research taking place throughout UW. We are committed to help the world prepare for and adapt to the changing climate with an exceptional training program to continue our work into the future.

To facilitate the strengthening of the UW climate community, the PCC hosts seminars, courses, gatherings and public outreach throughout the year. We have an annual 3 day retreat at the beautiful UW Friday Harbor Laboratories, open to all graduate students, faculty, post-doctoral scholars and staff at UW, where we focus on interdisciplinary approaches to addressing understanding, predicting, and preparing for climate change.

Graduate students involved in the PCC come from a variety of departments where they are working towards professional and academic degrees. Students join the PCC because they realize that deep understanding of one discipline does not bring them all of the skills they will need for the future.  In addition to disciplinary training, students need training and practice in interacting outside of their primary departments. To support interdisciplinary inquiry, we collaborate with departments in the College of the Environment to offer advanced interdisciplinary courses in climate science. We also offer a Graduate Certificate in Climate Science where students obtain a credential to demonstrate their commitment to engagement with the breadth of climate science.  As part of this program, we also offer graduate students a wide range of opportunities to participate in outreach efforts that allow them to practice communicating difficult concepts to a variety of audiences. Undergraduates can obtain a Minor in Climate, also offered by the PCC.

Over the next decade, the PCC will work towards strengthening collaborations across campus including with the Center for Health and the Global Environment, the Climate Impacts Group, the Center for Demography and Ecology, The Clean Energy Institute and the Future of Ice

Cecilia Bitz
Director, Program on Climate Change
Professor in Atmospheric Sciences

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