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Polar bears in Baffin Bay skinnier, having fewer cubs due to less sea ice

Kristin Laidre, a UW professor of aquatic and fishery sciences recently published a new study   shoing that polar bears are spending more time on land than they did in the 1990s due to reduced sea ice. Bears in Baffin Bay are getting thinner and adult females are having fewer cubs than when sea ice was more available.

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Changes in the Madden-Julian Oscillation affect global precipitation

UW Atmospheric Sciences professor Daehyun Kim studies tropical weather patterns, and contributed to a recent paper in Nature  which suggests that trends in decreased rainfall here in the Pacific Northwest may be linked to warming in the Western Pacific Ocean, near Indonesia.

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Congratulations to Kyle Armour, 2020 Sloan Fellow for Early Career Research

Kyle Armour  is an assistant professor in the School of Oceanography and Department of Atmospheric Sciences. He is studying the role of the ocean in climate change using a combination of oceanographic and atmospheric observations, numerical climate model simulations and theory, and is a lead author on the upcoming Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Sixth Assessment Report.

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