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Help society tackle climate change by providing a framework of intense cross-disciplinary collaboration that furthers research and education in climate science

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Congratulations to Professor Cecilia Bitz, 2018 AGU Fellow!

Our PCC Director, Cecilia Bitz , was named AGU Fellow for the class of 2018, a recognition that only 0.1% of the AGU membership receives in any given year.  The AGU fellows program recognizes members who achieve excellence in research in ways that help us understand the complex natural world, in new, innovative ways that have sustained impact. 

American Geophysical Union Announces 2018 Fellows

Mindfulness Practices as a Tool for Climate Change Communication

I’ve practiced nature-based spirituality in one form or another for more than twenty years. But spiritual or religious practices are not something that most scientists, particularly those in the “hard sciences,” talk about. This is perhaps a natural consequence of the idea that science needs to be unbiased. 

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“Climate change could heighten risk of global food production ‘shocks’”–Michelle Tigchelaar writes about her recent paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Michelle Tichelaar, a postdoctoral researcher at UW Atmospheric Sciences and others show in the PNAS paper that climate change will increase the likelihood of major crop failures of corn, and other crops, and provides context for the article in her piece for “Carbon Brief”
Tigchelaar, M., Battisti, D. 

Michelle's opinion post in Carbon Brief


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Winter Welcome

Welcome by and to the PCC’s new director, Cecilia Bitz was Wednesday January 24, 2018. Read more…

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