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Help society tackle climate change by providing a framework of intense cross-disciplinary collaboration that furthers research and education in climate science

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Congratulations to Kyle Armour, 2020 Sloan Fellow for Early Career Research

Kyle Armour  is an assistant professor in the School of Oceanography and Department of Atmospheric Sciences. He is studying the role of the ocean in climate change using a combination of oceanographic and atmospheric observations, numerical climate model simulations and theory, and is a lead author on the upcoming Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Sixth Assessment Report.

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Lucas Vargas Zeppetello on staying one step ahead of climate skeptics

“If I could go back and rewrite the abstract of my group’s paper, I would include a sentence that points out why a feedback between surface temperatures and downwelling longwave radiation does not preclude the existence of the greenhouse effect.”
Lucas Vargas Zeppetello, graduate student in Atmospheric Sciences at the UW writes about his responses, both emotional and practical, to the misrepresentation of his discussion of radiation balance as published in his first research paper. 

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Connecting ice-core data with climate models: An interdisciplinary project to examine glacial-interglacial changes in Antarctica

Which of the following is a more effective tool for learning about past changes in Earth’s climate: measurements from paleoclimate records or outputs from climate model simulations? Depending on who you ask, you will probably get a different answer to this question. 

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