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Climate Science, Collaboration, and Community

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Help society tackle climate change by providing a framework of intense cross-disciplinary collaboration that furthers research and education in climate science

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Don’t ask officials what they think of global warming — ask if they want a warning

Professor Dale Durran, past chair and current professor for the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, has recently published an article through the Washington Post, titled “Don’t ask officials what they think of global warming — ask if they want a warning”. The article mainly focuses on the issue of warning the public about events exacerbated by climate change, as our continued use of fossil fuels will only further drastic weather events. 

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UW PCC Stakeholders! Add your voice-by May 3

The UW Program on Climate Change is developing a strategic plan to guide priorities for the next 5 years. Integral to the process is looking back at 20 years of the PCC alongside opportunities moving forward as a new Dean embarks on their journey of defining the College of the Environment. 

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Thicker-leaved plants may thrive due to climate change, which may help temper climate change’s effects

Work by a team of scientists including Abigail Swann, who serves on the PCC executive board, and Marlies Kovenock, a former PhD student of Swann, looked into how tropical forests may be adapting to changing climate and how these adaptations have the potential to mitigate the effects of climate change. 

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Program on Climate Change Events


Actionable Community-Oriented Research eNgagement (ACORN) projects provide opportunities for collaboration between community leaders and graduate students and postdocs across the PCC.

PCC Summer Institute

This year’s themes were “Climate Extremes” and “Climate and Environmental Equity”. A virtual event, held September 14-18, 2020.

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