ACORN Program


Actionable Community-Oriented Research eNgagement (ACORN) projects provide opportunities for collaboration between community leaders and graduate students and postdocs across the PCC. Each project addresses an individual climate- and/or energy-related challenge defined by the community, and enables students to enrich their research experience and apply quantitative, analytical, and communication skills beyond the boundaries of their primary academic focus. ACORN builds relationships between the University and members of the wider community to find multidimensional climate and community solutions.


As a node between UW research, graduate education, and community members, the PCC is well positioned to facilitate community science. Members of the PCC Graduate Steering Committee (P-GraSC) created the ACORN program in 2020 in order to identify and advance climate- and energy-related community priorities. Modeled after the American Geophysical Union’s Thriving Earth Exchange framework for community science, ACORN aims to build and support collaboration within and beyond the PCC community.

ACORN projects can be initiated at any time and are coordinated by the P-GraSC ACORN Subcommittee. The subcommittee facilitates the initial process of setting goals and expectations for each project, and continues to support team members for the duration of the project. All projects are done on a volunteer basis.

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