PCC Seminar

Spring 2020 Schedule

4th Annual Spring Symposium: A Virtual Seminar Series. Tuesdays at 3pm.

Zoom link: https://washington.zoom.us/j/97795331960

Those with uwnet id’s can access panopto recordings of many of these presentations here.

Tuesday May 5th:

  • Michael Diamond, Department of Atmosphere Sciences: What can (and can’t) we learn about climate and air quality from the socio-economic response to the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Joel Eklof, Civil and Environmental Engineering: Transport of thermal energy by rain in permafrost landscapes.
  • Kyle Armour, School of Oceanography and the Department of Atmospheric Sciences: Title TBD.

Tuesday May 12th:

  • Lucia Hosekova, Applied Physics Lab: Wave-ice interactions and their implications for Arctic coasts
  • Man Marcaida, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences: Going with the Mekong River Flow: Examining the Spatio-temporal Changes in Rice Production in Cambodia’s Tonle Sap Floodplains
  • Shelby Ahrendt, Civil and Environmental Engineering: Hydrogemoephic Hazards in the Pacific Northwest: how are the ways rivers are changing affecting how they flood?

Tuesday May 20th:

  • Lucas Zeppetello, Atmospheric Sciences: Large Scale Deforestation Drives Extreme Warming in Tropical Rainforests
  • Ian Stanfield, School of Marine and Environmental Affairs: Supporting Stream Restoration Through Landowner Education
  • Robert Levine, School of Oceanography: Wind, Waves, and (W)robots: Autonomous vehicle surveys of Arctic cod in the Chukchi Sea

Tuesday June 2nd:

  • Charlotte Dohrn and Hanna Miller, School of Marine and Environmental Affairs: Taking action on ocean acidification: Pathways for states
  • Katie Hearther, Oceanography/Marine biology: Meeting people where they are: Guidance for designing field-based learning experiences with research and education partners to enhance coastal stewardship
  • Susannah Maher, School of Marine and Environmental Affairs: Increasing scientists’ capacity to work with conservative communities on climate

Winter 2020 Schedule

PCC Winter Seminar on Arctic Change. Held every Tuesday from 3:30-4:30 pm in OCN 425. 

Organized by LuAnne Thompson, Oceanography

January 7: Jim Thomson (Civil and Environment Engineering and Applied Physics Laboratory), Ocean Waves and Arctic Sea Ice

January 14:  Lauren Sancken (Law School), Relocation in the Regulatory Void: Lessons from Kivalina, Alaska

January 21:  Ed Blanchard Wigglesworth (Atmospheric Sciences), Sea ice predictability

January 28:  Bonnie Light (Applied Physics Laboratory), MOSAiC Arctic Drift Campaign: sea ice measurements in the service of improved model physics

February 4:  Axel Schweiger (Applied Physical Laboratory) and Kevin Wood (Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Oceans), Long term observed changes in Arctic Sea Ice

February 11:  Twila Moon (National Snow and Ice Data Center, University of Colorado), Rapid reconfiguration of the Greenland Ice Sheet

February 18: Joshua Griffin (School of Marine and Environmental Affairs and Department of Indian Studies), Indigenous approaches to Arctic Change

February 25: Casey Clark (Joint Institute for the study of the Atmosphere and Ocean), Tooth and Bone: What biogeochemistry can teach us about marine mammals in a changing Arctic

March 3:  Scott Montgomery (Jackson School of International Affairs), The Geopolitics of Arctic Change

March 10:  Lettie Roach (Atmospheric Sciences), Modeling Arctic sea ice change

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