The Third Annual Spring Symposium was held on April 27, 2019

Attendees at the Symposium represented 20 departments from around campus.

The Program on Climate Change (PCC) held its third annual Spring Symposium on Saturday, April 27, 2019. Over the span of lively morning and early afternoon sessions, 17 students and postdoctoral researchers shared their climate-related research, education, and outreach work through a full program of talks and posters.

These presentations represented a variety of perspectives on climate, drawing from observation and modeling of physical and ecological processes on scales ranging from the hyperlocal to global, as well as insights from policy, industry, and philosophy. Particular highlights included discussion of recent climate education efforts within Seattle immigrant communities, climate-informed decision-making in forest management, ethical considerations concerning personal carbon emissions, and the uncertain impacts of climate change on the coastal ocean.

With almost 60 attendees from about 20 departments around campus, this was the largest and most diverse Spring Symposium yet. Notably, a show of hands revealed that a majority of participants had not previously attended a PCC event. This reflects the importance of the Spring Symposium as an annual opportunity to grow and strengthen the PCC community, as well as encourage cross-disciplinary conversation and collaboration on climate-related topics.
The 2019 Spring Symposium was organized by PCC Graduate Student Steering Committee (P-GraSC) members Ethan Campbell (Oceanography), Hannah Director (Statistics), and Jessica Badgeley (ESS), as well as PCC undergraduate assistant Surabhi Biyani (ESS and Atmospheric Sciences).

To get involved in organizing next year’s Spring Symposium, consider applying to join P-GraSC for 2019-2020! Contact Sarah Ragen at for more information. Statements of interest are due by noon on Thursday, May 9.

Written by Ethan Campbell, Oceanography