Current Research in Climate Change

Course Details

  • Acronym ATMS 475/ESS 475/OCN 475
  • Instructor(s) LuAnne Thompson
  • Quarter Winter 2019
  • Credits 3
  • Meeting Times Tu/Th 3:30-4:50pm
  • Location Ocean Sciences Building Room 425
  • Fullfills Climate Minor Capstone Requirement
  • Prerequisites Either ESS 201, ATM S 211, or ATM S 321.

Course Description

Winter 2019 Topic-Sea Level Rise:Causes and Impacts

586/475 Seminar: Tuesdays 3:30-4:50 OCN 425

475 Discussion: Thursdays 3:30-4:50 OCN 425

Instructor: LuAnne Thompson (Oceanography) 


This is the capstone seminar required for the climate minor, but open to all who have taken ESS 201 or ATMS 211 or ATMS 311.

Students in the climate change integrative seminar will: 

  • Read, evaluate, and synthesize information from primary literature in the field of climate science 
  • Integrate information from a range of methodological approaches to climate science 
  • Speculate on meanings of scientific data, possible future directions 
  • Communicate their ideas precisely in both oral and written format 
  • Translate those ideas for a general audience

This course is offered in conjunction with the OCEAN/ATM S/ESS 586 graduate seminar.  Both undergraduate and graduate students will attend presentations by UW and non-UW climate scientists in this co-listed course.   

Required Readings:

You will be given readings each week.  These readings will be chosen to supplement and to prepare you for the lectures and will be the source for our discussions with the speakers each week.  The readings will be available through Canvas.  You are expected to come to class having completed the readings. 

Individual Research Focus:

The focus on much of work that you will do in this class will be on a topic chosen by you that is related to an area of active climate change research.   This will include an annotated bibliography, a literature review paper, a blog post, a policy paper, and presentation.  You will decide on the focus of your work in the first few weeks in class.