Classroom Climate Science

Check out our newly published ebook: Climate Science for the Classroom

Additional labs (not published in ebook):

  1. Simple Climate Model using Excel
  2. NASA MERRA Circulation Model
  3. From Isotopes to Temperature, & Influences of Orbital Forcing on Ice Records
  4. Understanding Landslides through Physical and Computer Models
  5. Fish Kills in Hood Canal – Designed for middle school students who are invited to investigate the phenomena of fish kills in Hood Canal (Puget Sound), integrating ideas from biology, chemistry, and physics in a marine context. A five part module that concludes with developing a conceptual model of why fish kills occur.
  6. Local Insights: Climate Change in Small-Town Alaska – Videos on ecosystems/food webs, salmon, and oceanography/glaciers, for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade classrooms. Local footage and local voices are used in the videos to encourage students to see the science of climate change from a different perspective and to realize that it does affect their lives outside the classroom.

Collaborations with EarthGames:

  1. Cascadia (2018), created by Elisa Bonnin, graduate student, School of Oceanography (in partnership with EarthGames). Read blog post here.
  2. National Park Adventure (2019)created by Emma Kahle, graduate student, Department of Earth & Space Sciences (in partnership with EarthGames). Read blog post here.

Climate curriculum:

Explore curriculum for the high school and introductory college classroom here.

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