Copyright and Attribution

For authors/creators of educational resources:

For the purposes of educational materials created by members of the PCC community for the purpose of enhancing climate understanding, we are adopting the philosophy of the Integrate group at SERC Carelton.  Authors of content should familiarize themselves with:

For users of PCC community educational resources:

Most of our materials will be shared under the for noncommercial purposes Creative Commons license  Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0.   We encourage reuse and dissemination of these resources for noncommercial purposes as long as attribution is retained and the material is shared with the same creative commons licensing.

Attribution should include at a minimum a link to the original material.  Authors and creators of content should be cited as indicated on the resource.

Educational use of the material is generally ‘noncommercial’ and therefore allowed with the following exceptions:

  1. You may not sell access to the material (or derivatives thereof) with one exception. You are allowed to include the material in a coursepack or similar form as long as:
    • it is intended only for use by students in a specific course or courses at your own educational institution
    • the cost of the coursepack is scaled to cover only the direct cost of reproduction (e.g. actual photocopying page costs)
  2. Reproduction and distribution of originals or derivative works by for-profit educational institutions is considered commercial and not allowed under this default license.

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