Getting Started

  1. First, consider whether you meet the requirements for enrollment in the certificate.  Success in the GCeCS required courses is supported by undergraduate coursework that includes a variety of the following: calculus, programming, geophysical sciences, physics, chemistry, biology and related sciences.
  2. For students enrolled in a graduate program at the UW, continue on to #3.  Non matriculated students should contact Miriam to discuss options.
  3. Consider taking one or more of the required courses prior to formally enrolling in the certificate.
  4. Highlight on your transcript the required six quarters (four semesters) of undergraduate or graduate work in environmental sciences, geophysical sciences, chemistry, biology and/or physics, including at least one quarter of chemistry.  All with an average grade of B (3.0) or above.
  5. email the following to the GCeCS graduate adviser, Miriam,
    • email subject line “interested in enrolling in GCeCS”
    • attach your  transcript(s) (unofficial are fine, with highlighted courses)
    • UW student ID number
    • UW graduate program
    • year admitted to UW graduate program
    • at least 3 days/times that you are available to meet to discuss courses and capstone options.
  6.  Ask you graduate or research adviser to send Miriam an email stating they support your enrollment in the GCeCS.
  7. Each student’s pathway through the certificate is different; prior to meeting with Miriam consider possibilities for completing required coursework and any ideas and questions you have about completing the capstone.
  8. Meet with Miriam.
  9. You are now ready to move forward on the GCeCS requirements with confidence.

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