EarthGames Studio

Course Details

  • Acronym ATMS 495
  • Instructor(s) Dargan Frierson
  • Quarter Autumn 2017
  • Credits 2-6 CR/NC
  • Meeting Times M 1:30 - 3:20 PM
  • Location MGH 085
  • Prerequisites N/A

Course Description

Did you know that graduate students can sign up for EarthGames Studio (ATM S 495), a class about making environmental science-based video games?  This quarter, we need students to help research science content for games that we’ll be making about mosquito larvae identification and mitigation, Atlantic salmon farming in the Pacific, and experiencing a national park, among others.  We’re a very interdisciplinary group, with programmers, artists, and scientists already signed up.  We’re looking for more scientists (although you can definitely contribute to programming, art, and game design too if you sign up!).

If you’re interested in signing up or hearing more information, contact Dargan Frierson ( or Judy Twedt (!