A Message from the PCC

In these challenging times, PCC recognizes the disproportionate impacts of the pandemic and climate change on black and brown communities and cultures around the world. Disproportionate impacts are fueled by systemic racism exemplified by the recent killing of unarmed African Americans in the United States. While recent protests here in Seattle and around the country make such inequities especially apparent now, we realize that these inequities represent the everyday lives of racial minorities now and have for generations. For those of us working in the realm of climate science, education, and communication, the PCC community recognizes the disproportionate impacts of climate change on black and brown communities, and commit to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion in our mission to provide a framework of intense cross-disciplinary collaboration that furthers research and education in climate science.

Becky Alexander, Atmospheric Sciences, PCC Director
LuAnne Thompson, Atmospheric Sciences, PCC Executive Board
Gerard Roe, Earth and Space Sciences, PCC Executive Board
Miriam Bertram, PCC Assistant Director