Between snow storms PCC gathers to welcome and congratulate

On 6 February 2019, nestled in time between two major snow events (#SnowMageddon2019) was the PCC Winter Welcome (#PCCWinterWelcome).  The event attracted a cozy crowd who gathered to reconnect around food and drink with friends and colleagues from across campus.

This event is an opportunity to introduce and welcome the first year graduate students who received PCC fellowships, postdocs working on climate from across campus, GCeCS awardees and new PCC board members.  We opened with a trivia event, covering climate science, PCC people, and past and present activities.  Can you answer these?  Who in the PCC … “as a graduate student tutored a professional basketball player who is 2 feet taller than her/him?” or what “…the rate of acceleration in mm yr-2 of sea level rise over the last 25 years is?” 

Congratulations and welcome to first year graduate students who were awarded a 9 month fellowship from the PCC in consultation with their home departments  — Tristan Bench from ESS, Jade Sauve, Ocean and Claire Zarakas, Atmos.

Five postdocs used a quick talk format (3 minutes/1 slide) to introduce themselves.  

Mira Berdahl is quantifying uncertainties in Antarctic sea level rise and Marina Dütsch is exploring stable water isotopes as a constraint for cloud processes in climate models.  Both are part of Eric Steig’s group in Earth and Space Sciences.


Mary Ann Rozance recently joined the NW Climate Adaptation Science Center to bridge research and resource manager needs.

Jessica Masich works with data to investigate the diurnal cycles of heat and momentum transfer into the oceans.  She is an NRC Postdoctoral Fellow at NOAA/PMEL with Billy Kessler and Meghan Cronin.

Luke Parsons is using the Last Millennium Reanalysis (LMR) data product to look at drivers of pre-instrumental drought and inter decadal global temperature variability.  He is working with Greg Hakim to understand how future warming will unfold based on the climate of the past.

Each year there are a few rotations of board members on the faculty and student led boards.  New to the PCC board (faculty-led) are Bart Nijssen (CEE), Knut Christensen (ESS), John Horne (JISAO), and graduate student representative Sarah Ragen (OCN).  New to the graduate student led board (PGraSC) are Alex Stote (SMEA), Christine Baker (CEE), Claire Pendergrast (DEOHS), Hannah Director (Statistics), Robin Clancy (ATM) and Sarah Ragen (OCN/GSR).   Full board memberships, past and present, can be found here (PCC Board) and here (PGraSC).

Certificates were awarded to the seven graduate students who completed their graduate certificate in climate science (GCeCS) over the last 12 months.  The capstone projects connect with unique audiences in creative ways.

Save the date for the PCC Annual Summer Institute which is sponsored, for the first time, by Vulcan Inc. (founded by Paul Allen).  The event will be 12-14 September 2019 at Friday Harbor Labs.

Wrapping up the event was a call to encourage all to participate in the PCC, take classes, do a capstone project, participate in one of the annual events, respond to calls for a climate speaker, or just write up your new climate research as a Research Highlight!  All are welcome to participate.  To hear about events and opportunities join one of our listserves.

Past Winter Welcome Overviews