Write a Research Highlight

Research highlights are short layman-style summaries of peer-reviewed research papers surrounding climate and climate change.

If you are associated with the UW, and have a recent paper that informs climate, we will work with you to create a research highlight. Contact Miriam Bertram (uwpcc@uw.edu).

Research Highlight Format:

See a great example here.


Subtitle: one line clarification statement

Contributor of Research Highlight: you (remember to send us a picture of yourself too!)

Key Points: two or three bullet points that summarize work

Overview:  two or three paragraphs that describe the significance of the work in the broad context of understanding climate change, climate impacts.  

Feel free to add a personal touch about what this research means to you, how long it took, etc.

Relevant images: these could be pictures of you/your team doing fieldwork, working on the project, etc. Include caption and credit. 

Authors & Affiliations:

Publication Date:

Publication Journal:


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