Summer Institute Details and Archive

2016: “The Climate of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean” led by Cecilia Bitz, UW Atmospheric Sciences.

2015: “Terrestrial Ecosystems, Land Surface, and Climate Change” led by Abby Swann, UW Atmospheric Sciences, Biology.

2014: “Climate Variability and Uncertainty” led by Dargan Frierson, UW Atmospheric Sciences.

2013: “Response of Marine Ecosystems to Climate Forcing: Causes and Consequences” led by Julie Keister, UW Oceanography.

2012: “Atmosphere-Ocean-Ice Shelf Interactions.” led by Eric Steig (ESS) and Mark Warner (Oceanography).

2011: “The Water Cycle in a Changing Climate” led by Chris Bretheron (ATM S), Eric Steig (ESS), Jessica Lundquist (Civil/Environmental Engineering), & Dargan Frierson (ATM S).

2010: “Climate Feedbacks.” led by Dargan Frierson, UW Atmospheric Sciences.

2009: “Pacific Northwest Climate: Past, Present and Future.” led by Nate Mantua (SAFS).

2008: “Does Ocean Circulation Matter for Climate Change?” led by LuAnne Thompson, Julian Sachs and David Battisti.

2007:”Couplings Between Changes in the Climate System and Biogeochemistry” led by Jim Murray, Oceanography.

2006: “Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions: Projections, Mitigating Technologies and Policies” led by Chris Bretherton (UW Atmospheric Sciences).

2005: “El Nino: Past, Present and Future” led by Jim Murray (Oceanography) and Curtis Deutsch (Oceanography).

2004: “The Year of the Arctic” led by Peter Rhines (UW Oceanography), Cecilia Bitz (APL), Jim Murray (UW Oceanography), & Jamie Morison (APL).

2003: “Rapid Climate Change and Land-Surface Climate Interactions” led by Jim Murray (UW Oceanography).

2002: “Development of PCC Science Themes” led by Jim Murray (UW Oceanography).




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