Submitting Lightning Talks/Poster Sessions

Update 9/3:  Deadlines extended!  We are accepting posters and lightning talks until 5 pm on Wed Sept. 9; and recorded lightning talks until Friday Sept. 11.


We encourage lightning talks and posters from interested participants on the SI topic or on a topic of interest to the broad PCC climate community (impacts, outreach, education, etc.).  To apply to be included in the lightning talk/poster program send an email to no later than Sept. 1, 2020.  The subject line should be “2020 SI Lightning talk application (your last name)”.  The body of the email should include any restrictions on days of presentation, a title and brief description of your presentation, and any other communications/questions.   

Each day will include up to 5 pre-recorded lightning talks (3 minutes each) followed by a live poster session.  PCC SI participants will have the opportunity to visit with  presenters of lightning talks and posters during the 20 minute poster session (see schedule at bottom). 

Each presenter in the poster session will create their own separate zoom meeting that participants can pop in and out of by following links to those rooms.   Presenters should create their own zoom meeting and send us the link when you submit your presentation (no later than September 8, send link and file name to  PCC SI organizers can create zoom meetings for those who are unable to do so, and will share the room links with the registered participants.  

Instructions for creating a video of your lightning talk

We are providing specific instructions for recording your presentation using Powerpoint, though you are welcome to use any software of your choice. The Powerpoint option will not show your face as you present (i.e., no “talking head”). If you would like to include a video of yourself talking, you can use whatever software that you are comfortable with (e.g., Zoom, Panopto). Either way, the deadline for sending presentations is September 8. Please upload your presentation (in MP4 format) into this lightning talk google drive or send to  Please have the speaker’s last name as part of the file name as well as the assigned session (e.g. Author_Session1.mp4). 

Please keep the length of your lightning talk under 3 minutes. 

Instructions for creating an audio file in PowerPoint (note: this option provides no video of the presenter/talking head):

To create your audio file, open your slides in powerpoint. Click on the “slide show” tab, select “record slide show” and then “start recording from beginning.” You can then start talking. When you are done hit escape. To save your recording, under the File tab hit “Save As”, select the location where you want to save it, and under the “Save as type” drop down menu select “MPEG-4 Video”.  It can take a few minutes to save the file as an .mp4. 

Instructions for presenting your lightning talk/poster

If you would like to create a poster for people to view on the PCC SI webpage in advance of or following the poster session, please send us a .pdf of your poster by September 8. Whether you prepare a poster or not, we recommend that you have your key figures on slides that you can show to participants who enter your zoom room during the poster session.

The deadline for sending all presentations is September 8. Please upload your poster (in pdf format) into this poster google drive,  Please have your, the author’s, last name as part of the file name as well as and the assigned session (e.g. Heatwaves_Author_Session1.pdf). 

Format of each session:

  1. Brief introduction to session by faculty lead (10:00-10:05)
  2. Invited Speakers (20 min talks) (10:05-11:10)
  3. Randomly assigned break-out groups: assign spokesperson (we encourage most junior person to assume this role) to discuss and come up with questions for panelists (11:10-11:25)
  4. Break-out groups return for a live panel discussion. Spokespersons ask their questions. (11:25 – 11:50)
  5. Pre-recorded 3 min lightning talks (11:50-12:05)
  6. Lightning talk/Poster session (12:05-12:30)

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