National Climate Assessment Volume II Discussion and Public Comment 2018

Scheduled Discussions:

Tuesday Jan 9,12:30 Our Changing Climate Ch 2 in ATG 610
Wednesday Jan 17 1:30 Northwest Ch 24 in OSB 425
Thursday Jan 25 12:30 Ocean and Coastal Ch 8 & 9 in ATG 310
Monday Jan 29 1:30 Land and Forestry Ch 5, 6, & 10 in OSB 425

It is a draft volume and our intent is to provide comments and learn what is written.

Try to read the chapter in advance!

Get a copy of the report at :
For more info about NCA4 V2:

Our meetings are in collaboration with the Public Comment Project The Public Comment Project has provided the following guidelines & tips for commenting:

  1. Your comment can report on scientific evidence that opposes or supports the theory behind the regulation. Providing additional supporting evidence helps strengthen the agency’s position by creating a stronger scientific foundation for their action.
  2.  Include a heading that states the NCA chapter name, citing specific page numbers when possible.
  3. Use an opening sentence to establish your credibility. State who you are and summarize any of your experiences that are relevant to the topic of the proposal.
  4. Use the next few sentences to succinctly summarize the data or research that you have provided. You can (and are encouraged) to go into further detail later in your comment, but starting with the equivalent of a discussion section will help convey your point more effectively.
  5. If you are citing specific articles or unpublished data in your comment, include a short bibliography or provide contact information to make it easier for the reviewers to follow up on your information.


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