Graduate Student Seminar (GSS)

Last GSS of 2016:  Tuesday, December 6

5-6 pm in OSB 425

Jake Steinberg of Oceanography will talk about the prevalence and importance of oceanic subsurface-intensified eddies. How do we observe these eddies and understand their role in the advection of heat and salt (among other interesting tracers).  

Questions?  Contact Hillary, Leah, Michael, and Rebeca, the PGraSC Community Outreach Committee


Throughout the year, the PCC graduate community hosts a mid week Graduate Student Seminar (GSS) where students share their expertise on climate science in a fun, relaxed, yet “seriously” academic environment. Talks are designed to educate non-experts while exposing other graduate students to the questions and research at the forefront of climate science.

This quarter we will host monthly evening seminars with two 15 minute presentations (plus a few minutes for questions and discussion).  The first GSS will take place TUESDAY November 15th at 5pm in OSB 425.

This months presentations include:

Michael Diamond (Atmospheric Sciences)
“Small particles, large impact: Why do we care about aerosols?”

Hillary Scannell (Oceanography)
“Marine Heatwaves: emerging climate phenomena not just in your own backyard”

Interested in giving a GSS?  Come check out this months seminar to get ideas how to give an informative, accessible and succinct presentation! We’ll send out potential dates mid-month.

Drinks and food will be provided (we will accept donations, but it is by no means necessary – no cash, no problem).  Planning is also in the works for GSS mid-day brown bag events. Stay tuned!

Hillary, Leah, Michael, and Rebeca
PGraSC Community Outreach Committee

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