Climate Dynamics

Course Details

  • Acronym ATMS 591/ESS 590/OCN 569
  • Instructor(s) Gerard Roe , Kyle Armour
  • Quarters Winter 2019, Winter 2017
  • Credits 3
  • Meeting Times TTh: 200-320
  • Location Johnson 027
  • Fullfills GCeCS Climate Dynamics Option
  • Prerequisites Familiarity with differential equations; experience with MATLAB or Python a plus.

Course Description

This course will examine Earth’s climate dynamics from the perspective of recent research that has focused on the energy budget. Topics will include: the processes that control Earth’s climatology; radiative feedbacks and climate sensitivity; timescales of climate response to forcing; mechanisms of climate variability; oceanic and atmospheric heat transport from an energy budget perspective; the role of ocean circulation in climate change; the surface energy budget and hydrologic cycle changes with global warming; and sources of uncertainty in climate prediction. The course will explore these topics through a hierarchy of idealized physical models, as well as their application towards understanding the complex system dynamics seen in both nature and global climate models.