Presentation Resources

We curate a library of climate-related presentations and demonstrations for use by UW PCC outreach volunteers.

Slide Database
This library is a shared resource, you can download or contribute slides and presentations, but you must be a PCC participant and be a registered user of this site.  Send registration requests to

Sample Presentations

The Global Carbon Cycle

Author: Hilary Palevsky, Oceanography,
Presented in October 2014 to high school teachers as part of a professional development workshop.
pdf of presentation slides

The Road to Paris: Climate Change Science and Policy

Authors: Elizabeth Maroon, Atmospheric Sciences and Alison Saperstein, Evans School of Public Policy and Governance
Presented in Fall 2015 for the King County Library System Mind Matters Program
pdf of presentation slides

YouTube Videos

From UW Atmospheric Science Outreach Program
From UW Program on Climate Change

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