Designing Your Capstone Experience

Beyond the basic requirements for the GCeCS capstone project….

  • Project should be firmly grounded in climate science
  • Communication targeted at non-specialists
  • Complete 5 credits of ATMS/OCN/ESS 596 across 1 or more quarters (a minimum of 120 hours of effort)

there are a few other things to consider:

  • What are the goals of your communication effort?  What will you want your audience to walk away knowing more about?
  • Who would be a good mentor/partner/adviser?  Could be one or more people with expertise and/or experience with the audience and the content being communicated.
  • What kind of evaluation tool is appropriate for your project?  This tool should help you determine how effective were you at meeting your communication goals.
  •  How can you utilize human connections available to you through your department, the PCC, or your own connections outside the UW?

Join the pccgrads mailman listserve to be notified of capstone opportunities available through PCC connections.

The blog posts written by recent capstone students can help you understand the wide range of projects that are possible.

Ready to move forward?  Contact Miriam with your idea, and to request an example of a capstone proposal to use as a guide for writing your own.


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