Climate Teaching Modules

Enrich your high school or undergraduate curriculum with all or parts of these modules

Table summarizing modules  and the courses the labs could be taught in, tools and skills addressed in the labs, kinds of models addressed, and whether the material is place-based or global in focus.

We add 1 or 2 every year

  1. Simple Climate Model using Excel
  2. Exploring Historical Temperature Records
  3. NASA MERRA Circulation Model
  4. Understanding Paleoproxies using Ice Cores
  5. Terrarium Model of Earths’ Energy Balance
  6. Exploring the Biological Pump with primary literature and social media
  7. Explore Scientific Evidence for Anthropogenic Climate Change from IPCC reports
  8. ENSO (El Nino/Southern Oscillation) Investigation
  9. From Isotopes to Temperature, & Influences of Orbital Forcing on Ice Records
  10. Understanding the impact of Ocean Acidification on Oysters using published data
  11. “Glaciology and Erosion” OR The Glacial History of Puget Sound as seen through high-resolution data of local topography using Google Earth
  12. Understanding Landslides through Physical and Computer Models

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