Workshops for Science Teachers

The UW PCC hosts workshops that promote interaction between science teachers and UW scientists with the goal of bringing our current understanding of climate into the classroom. 

Update!! We are offering a workshop for high school teachers on Saturday May 18, 2019 —“Does a few degrees C of global warming matter?”

Have you wanted to….

  • explore the importance of limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius with your students, to explain how climate models work?
  • explore “what-if?” scenarios  about how changing to renewable energy?
  • or consider how changing human behavior would change our projections of future climate? 

UW faculty member Kyle Armour and his graduate students will guide a small group of high school teachers through the fundamentals of climate models and a strategy for teaching students about why models predict different futures.  We will be reframing and extending the climate model lesson and setting the stage for development of adaptations of this lesson for participant’s classrooms.  Teachers will leave the workshop with the framework for a new lesson and be invited to return later in the year to share and refine their lesson.  

Location: UW Seattle Campus
Date: Saturday, 18 May 2019
Time: 8:30am – 3:30pm (updated 4/10)

We can accept up to 20 for the full day, which includes an afternoon session designed for those who have participated in the morning session and who have a working knowledge of excel and radiation balance.  20 additional participants are welcome to participate in the morning session only (9:30 am through lunch).

Target Audience (morning session): High school science teachers and others interested in learning more about the fundamentals of climate science.

Target Audience (full day): High school physics, chemistry, environmental science teachers and others who use, or be able to use, excel and basic algebra in their classroom teaching, and have a basic understanding of energy balance including heat capacity and solar radiation.  

Perks: WSTA clock hours WILL BE available! Lunch and parking provided. (3/11/2019 update)

Registration Required: Registrants will be admitted on a rolling basis, with 20 participants accepted for the full day and an additional 20 participants for the morning session only.  Apply/register by May 1, 2019. A waitlist will be opened once we fill.

email Miriam at with questions.

Register for the workshop HERE before 1 May

In October 2016 we hosted “Current Climate for Science Teachers” at the UW-Seattle campus.

Presentations were made by subject area experts, including both faculty and graduate students from STEM disciplines.
2016 Presentations and schedule

In October 2015 we took a team to the Washington State Teachers Association Annual Meeting.

We presented and discussed results from recent IPCC and other reports, and gave participants the opportunity to dig deeper into Ocean Acidification, Landslides and Paleoclimate labs.

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