A look at the 2021 PCC Annual (virtual) Winter Welcome

During the week of March 15, PCC welcomed 16 new faculty, research scientists, postdocs, and graduate students to the UW climate community and awarded Graduate Certificates in Climate Sciences to four graduate students who completed their capstone projects in the last year. Given the impact that the pandemic-related restrictions have had on us all, it is heartening and inspiring to see all of the progress and milestones that have been achieved over the last year within the PCC community. This year’s Winter Welcome consisted of a web page developed by Miriam Bertram and a fantastic team of undergraduate students, including original artwork by Emma Song shown below. We had a live trivia event on March 16, and visitors to the webpage shared what they valued about PCC to contribute to the word cloud shown below. The Winter Welcome webpage lives on after the event, so if you haven’t had a chance to check it out, please do so here!