PCC/JISAO Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship Announcement

The PCC in partnership with JISAO announce a new interdisciplinary graduate fellowship opportunity to begin in fall 2020. This fellowship will support one or more students with a clear passion for working across academic boundaries on projects grounded in climate science broadly considered.  The applicants will submit a written proposal for research that would not be possible without this funding, and that builds collaboration across disciplines.  Proposals for 3, 6 or 9 months of support (0.5 FTE) will be considered. We will also entertain proposals for joint projects that include two graduate students who are matriculated in different departments.  These funds will only be awarded if the applicant(s) and the proposed project(s) and collaborations clearly meet the goals and criteria described below.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  August 1, 2020.  Submit to uwpcc@uw.edu.

The application must include academic transcripts and a cover letter that clearly show that the student:

  1. is currently matriculated in a graduate program at the UW that began no earlier than September 2017;
  2. qualifies for acceptance in the Graduate Certificate in Climate Change (https://pcc.uw.edu/education/graduate-certificate/);
  3. has contributed to activities sponsored by the Program on Climate Change;

The student applicant must develop and submit a competitive proposal (1-2 pages) for research that either (a) adds a climate component to a students’ current course of study (for those not engaged in climate research) (b) develops an interdisciplinary component to a disciplinary project or (c) broadens an aspect of their research into a new direction that links strongly to climate science.

Proposal must include justification for the level of funding requested, names and ways one or more faculty members will advise on the proposed research, and how this project connects to the expertise of those faculty members.

The application must also include letters of recommendation from two members of the UW research community who can speak to (1) the students’ ability to successfully complete the proposed research with the requested level of support and (2) the importance of the proposed project to the broadening the student’s skill and perspective and to advancing our understanding of climate and the implications of climate change.  Letters can be submitted directly by the letter writers to uwpcc@uw.edu.  Applications will be reviewed by the PCC Executive Committee.

Questions?  Contact Miriam Bertram (uwpcc@uw.edu) or PCC Director, Becky Alexander (beckya@uw.edu)