Updates from the PCC Graduate Student Steering Committee (P-GraSC)

The PCC Graduate Student Steering Committee (P-GraSC) is about to have it’s third meeting of the 2018-19 academic year. In the fall, we welcomed new members and said goodbye to those who finished their terms. PCC Assistant Director Miriam Bertram attended the first meeting and PCC Director Cecilia Bitz attended our second meeting to lead discussions of current PCC initiatives.

This year, P-GraSC is coordinating a wide range of outreach and education efforts, which include augmenting the Slide Database on the PCC website and supporting a monthly, local event called ‘Climate Science on Tap’. Internal to the UW, we were present at numerous departmental new student orientations and we continue to host our Graduate Student Seminar series.

We updated the P-GraSC subcommittee structure for this year, which will help us put on more events and reach a larger audience. These are our subcommittees:

  • Spring Symposium: This year will be the third annual Spring Symposium. This is a one day event in April or May that highlights climate-related student and postdoc research. It’s been a popular event and we encourage you all to attend this year.
  • Graduate Student Seminar (GSS): This is our seminar series and we aim for at least one seminar a quarter featuring PCC graduate student research. We usually serve pizza and beer.
  • Public Engagement: This committee finds ways to support existing PCC public outreach and education. We also plan to start our own initiatives. We have some exciting ideas for the coming year, so be on the lookout for events!
  • University Engagement: Through this committee, we aim to increase the visibility and impact of PCC within the UW community. In the past, this has involved presenting at new student orientations, organizing outings and social events, hosting climate-focused book clubs, and more!
  • Undergraduate Research: This subcommittee will coordinate a new effort to connect undergraduates with research opportunities.
  • Bylaws: Each year, this subcommittee reviews our governing document and proposes updates.