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Dargan Frierson and Judy Twedt create “The Sound of Earth’s Fever”

With NASA releasing the 2016 global temperature data, Dargan Frierson and Judy Twedt made quick work of the high temperatures. Using the global temperature data from 1880-2016, they created a song about the Earth’s global temperature. 

Listen on Soundcloud

Sarah Myhre talks to Yale Climate Connections about being a young climate scientist

Postdoc Sarah Myhre recently talked to Yale Climate Connections about being a young climate scientist studying climate change and its effect on her moral responsibilities. 

Read more at Yale Climate Connections

Bradley Markle helps relate temperature spikes in the Northern Hemisphere to Southern Ocean winds

A new study, recently published in Nature Geoscience by a group of UW researchers – Bradley Markle, Eric Steig, Cecilia Bitz, and T.J. Fudge – aims to show that “fierce winds circling Antarctica — an important lever on the global climate — shift quickly in response to Northern Hemisphere temperature spikes”. 

Read more at UW Today


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