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Climate Science, Collaboration, and Community

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Provide a framework for intense cross-disciplinary collaboration that furthers and supports research and education in climate science

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Congratulations College of the Environment 2017 Award Winners!

This academic year’s College of the Environment Awards go to….
Distinguished Staff Member: David Campbell (SEFS)
Exceptional Mentoring Undergrads: Ashley Maloney (OCN)
Outstanding Teaching Faculty: Kerry Naish (SAFS) & Gabrielle Rocap (OCN)
Outstanding Researcher: Anitra Ingalls (OCN)
Outstanding Community Impact: Judy Twedt (ATMOS Grad Student); Lara Whitely Binder (CIG Staff/Faculty)
Outstanding Commitment Diversity: Jessica Hernandez (SMEA)
Graduate Dean’s Medalist: Katherine Heal (OCN)
Undergraduate Dean’s Medalist: Robert Swan
Celebrate with the award recipients at a reception on May 17th, 3:30pm-5:00pm, Fishery Sciences Building first floor lobby! 

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UW Atmos and ESS collaboration– Arctic sea ice loss and natural variability

David Battisti, Edward Blanchard-Wrigglesworth, Stephen Po-Chedley, and Ryan Eastman of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences and Eric Steig of the Department of Earth and Space Sciences recently published a paper in Nature about the influence of high-latitude atmospheric circulation changes on summertime Arctic sea ice.  

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Translating science into policy: the power of boiling it down

I am not the typical graduate student. Before starting graduate school, I served as a submarine officer in the Navy for seven years. While I was on active duty, I served at a command where scientists frequently briefed us on how their research would impact our work. 

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