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Provide a framework for intense cross-disciplinary collaboration that furthers and supports research and education in climate science

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New species relationships and interactions due to climate change

A new study led by doctoral student Elli Theobald, doctoral student Ian Breckheimer and biology professor Janneke Hille Ris Lambers help to uncover what subalpine communities may look like by the end of this century. 

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Editor’s Highlight for Andrew Pauling on freshwater input from Antarctic ice shelves

Andrew Pauling, a new graduate student  working with Cecilia Bitz in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, received an Editor’s Highlight for his work on showing the ability of climate models to simulate the positive Antarctic sea ice trends. 

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Mountain glacier change from space

David Shean, a soon-to-be assistant professor in Civil & Environmental Engineering, has developed a new way of measuring mountain glacier change. Shean uses high-resolution satellite images to track elevation changes on local mountain glacier regions. 

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