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Climate Science, Collaboration, and Community

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Provide a framework for intense cross-disciplinary collaboration that furthers and supports research and education in climate science

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PCC members help connect the dots on climate change through an influential and lasting GCeCS capstone

Studying climate change is not always about the science. The science, however, does lay the foundation for adapting to and mitigating climate change. An example of this relationship was shown no better than in a recent presentation  given by a few PCC members.

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Compelling animations show “Hot Times in the Arctic” explained by Cecilia Bitz, PCC’s new director, in NY Times

March 14, 2018
Cecilia Bitz, PCC’s Director and UW Atmospheric Scientist, contributed her perspective on recent alarming warming in the Arctic in an opinion piece in the NY Times.  See the warming in the two animations of surface temperature, on YouTube and .

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Building Relationships to Promote Science-Based Decision Making

PCC graduate students from ESS (Taryn Black and Emma Kahle) and ATMOS (Michael Diamond) worked with the Union of Concerned Scientists to host a very successful event to train scientists to talk to policymakers.  Inspired by the angst expressed by climate scientists during the PCC Climate Conversations  last winter, this event created a pathway for action and for sharing research and science skill outside of academia.

Read about the event in the UCS blog post  by Taryn, Emma and Michael.


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