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Bradley Markle helps relate temperature spikes in the Northern Hemisphere to Southern Ocean winds

A new study, recently published in Nature Geoscience by a group of UW researchers – Bradley Markle, Eric Steig, Cecilia Bitz, and T.J. Fudge – aims to show that “fierce winds circling Antarctica — an important lever on the global climate — shift quickly in response to Northern Hemisphere temperature spikes”. 

Read more at UW Today

Stephen Riser and a team of UW researchers are helping to lead an effort to monitor the Southern Ocean

Stephen Riser, from the School of Oceanography, is a chief scientist of an expedition to better understand the Southern Ocean by dropping robotic floats around Antarctica to monitor carbon dioxide uptake. 

Read more at UW Today

UW Applied Physics Lab scientists–Steele, Stern and Schweiger–talk about their approach to sharing climate science in a lunch time conversation with Jerry Lange, Seattle Times.

“For years now, climate scientists have seen explaining their work as a way to help the public make good decisions in response to global warming — without politics.” 

Seattle Times article by Jerry Lange


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