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Former PCC member Hilary Palevsky discusses the meaning of science activism

Hilary Palevsky, a former member of the Program on Climate Change, talks about the meaning behind the March for Science. Palevsky states that it is important to listen “to the voices of the most marginalized people when we talk about how we stand up for science because in a lot of ways, the organization of the March for Science reproduced a lot of the same issues that have been long standing in the scientific community”. 

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Abby Swann talks about climate change denial

Abby Swann from the Department of Atmospheric Sciences and the Department of Biology talked to David Hyde, a reporter from KUOW in Seattle about climate change denial. She explained why she signed a protest letter directed at the EPA director Scott Pruitt and expanded on a conversation she had with a border agent when traveling abroad. 

Listen at KUOW

David Battisti and Tom Ackerman talk about geoengineering in the NYT

David Battisti and Tom Ackerman of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences were quoted in The New York Times this past week. When talking about the uncertainty of putting aerosols in the atmosphere Battisti said it is “not obvious to me that we can reduce the uncertainty to anywhere near a tolerable level — that is, to the level that there won’t be unintended consequences that are really serious”. 

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