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Climate Science, Collaboration, and Community

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Help society tackle climate change by providing a framework of intense cross-disciplinary collaboration that furthers research and education in climate science

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South Pole and East Antarctica were warmer during the last ice age than previously thought, new studies show

Two new research papers, co-authored by PCC participants, show that temperatures in East Antarctica and other locations in the South Pole during the last ice age were several degrees warmer than previously thought. Research previously asserted that during the last ice age temperatures in Antarctica were an average of 9° C below modern values. 

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Lessons Learned: How Can We Connect Middle School Students to Climate Change and Ocean Acidification?

A collaboration between UW students and DNR using local nearshore ecosystems as examples to center a climate change curriculum. A capstone in fulfillment of the UW PCC Graduate Certificate in Climate Science.
Written by: Amanda Arnold, Katie Byrnes, and Lizzy Matteri 

Climate change is so vast and complex, riddled with intricate interactions, making  teaching it to young students daunting.

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The local economic impact of the “fracking boom” in Ohio

An ACORN Project completed by University of Washington graduate students Logan Arnold (Master’s Student, Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management) and Tyler Cox  (PhD Student, Atmospheric Sciences) in collaboration with the Ohio River Valley Institute

Technological advancements in the last decade have allowed companies to profit off of the shale gas reserves underlying portions of the U.S.

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Program on Climate Change Events


Actionable Community-Oriented Research eNgagement (ACORN) projects provide opportunities for collaboration between community leaders and graduate students and postdocs across the PCC.

PCC Summer Institute

This year’s themes were “Climate Extremes” and “Climate and Environmental Equity”. A virtual event, held September 14-18, 2020.

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